Meeting Liette Gariépy: The Creative Spirit of CranberryLand

The Roots of My Passion: Memories and Inspiration

Hello, I am Liette Gariépy, creator of the enchanting worlds of CranberryLand. My passion for the art of illustration grew from cherished memories of my childhood, especially the Christmases spent in our family home, a magical place where traditions came to life.

I remember the large double living rooms in my grandmother's house, carefully decorated, where the whole family, including cousins, gathered to celebrate. Those moments were filled with laughter, singing, and shared stories, creating an indescribable sense of belonging and joy.

It was in this lively and warm family environment that I discovered my love for the holidays. The meticulous decorations, festive tables, and above all, the conviviality and love that united us inspired me.

This festive atmosphere, combined with the excitement and joy of reunions, became the heart of my artistic inspiration. Each piece I create for CranberryLand is a tribute to these happy memories, an attempt to capture and share the essence of those magical Christmas moments, where family and friends come together to celebrate love, joy, and the magic of the season.

Inspiration at the Heart of the Family

My inspiration source? My family life at Lac Delage. Surrounded by the love and creativity of my four children, every day is a new adventure.

The laughter around the Christmas tree, afternoons playing in the snow, and quiet evenings drawing while snowflakes gently fall: this is what fuels my imagination.

These precious moments find their way into my drawings, where each pencil stroke tells a story of joy and family togetherness.

Lac Delage: A Santa's Village in the Mountains

Living in Lac Delage is like residing in Santa's hidden village, nestled in the heart of snowy mountains. Here, each winter transforms the landscape into a living tableau of a Christmas tale.

The snow falls in big, soft flakes, draping the world in a peaceful and pristine blanket. This winter calm, far from the bustle of urban life, is my sanctuary, my studio under the stars.

In this tranquil environment, where nature dictates its gentle rhythm, I find a serenity that is reflected in every scene I draw for CranberryLand. Lac Delage, with its tranquility and unspoiled beauty, perfectly mirrors Santa's village, a place of pure magic and endless inspiration.

The snow-covered trees, roofs softly blanketed in snow, and the crystal-clear air inspire the fairy-tale landscapes of my creations, where the magic of Christmas is not just a season, but an everlasting feeling.