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Mr. Gus's Little Christmas Stand - Christmas Village Houses

Mr. Gus's Little Christmas Stand - Christmas Village Houses

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Winter Market Magic: Light Up Your Christmas Village with CranberryLand's Charming Stand.

From a new concept UNFOLD, ENJOY, FOLD AND STORE!

Discover Mr. Gus's Little Christmas Stand from CranberryLand, a charming creation by Liette Gariépy, bringing the warm spirit of Christmas markets to your festive village. This stand, abundant with finely illustrated Christmas trees, is a tribute to the tradition and conviviality of the holidays.

Every tree in Mr. Gus's stand is drawn with meticulous attention to detail, evoking the freshness and natural beauty of winter. It's a meeting place for the characters of your village, where the excitement of Christmas preparations is palpable. Imagine the villagers carefully selecting the tree that will adorn their home during the holidays, adding a touch of life and animation to your decor.

Crafted from rigid cardboard and decorated with care, this stand brings a rustic and festive dimension to your Christmas village. It perfectly integrates with other CranberryLand creations, like Aunt Berta's Blue House or The Church of Good Father Abraham, forming a harmonious and captivating ensemble.

Mr. Gus's Little Christmas Stand is much more than a decoration: it's a piece of Christmas magic, capturing the joyful moments and traditions that make this time of year so unique and memorable. By adding it to your village, you create a space where the magic of the holidays comes to life, enriching your celebrations with charm and nostalgia.

Unfolded format (in inches) -

5.5 W x 2,375 x 2,875 x


Resistant and durable graphic cardboard, FSC PEFC certified, acid-free permanent glue, glitter

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