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The Wiggins Twins' Townhouse - Christmas Village Houses

The Wiggins Twins' Townhouse - Christmas Village Houses

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Wiggins Twins' Joy at CranberryLand

From an innovative concept UNFOLD, ENJOY, REFOLD AND STORE!

The Wiggins twins' townhouse sparkles with excitement and joy as the family gathers for the grand Christmas Eve celebration. Under the starry sky of CranberryLand, Aunt Daisy and Uncle Christopher arrive, arms laden with glittering gifts, greeted by the laughter of the Wiggins twins on the balcony. This house, with its scenes of joyful reunions and elegant architecture, symbolizes family unity and the magic of the holidays.

Illustrated with attention to detail characteristic of Liette Gariépy, each element – from the ivy adorned with garlands to the cheerful faces of the twins – is an ode to the magic of Christmas and the joy of shared moments. Perfect for completing your CranberryLand Christmas village, it harmoniously pairs with Timmy and Rusty's little house and the Bennett girls' house.

Add the Wiggins twins' townhouse to your collection and watch your village come to life, with every meticulous detail contributing to a setting where tradition and joie de vivre reign supreme. Let the magic of CranberryLand envelop your holidays with a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

Unfolded Dimensions (in inches)

House alone: 3.5 L x 9.25 H x 3 P

Including decor: 8.25 L x 9.25 H x 4.5 P


Resistant and durable graphic cardboard, FSC PEFC certified, acid-free permanent glue, glitter

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