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The Bennett Girls' House - Christmas Village Houses

The Bennett Girls' House - Christmas Village Houses

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CranberryLand's Magical Christmas at the Bennett Girls' House

From a unique concept UNFOLD, ENJOY, REFOLD AND STORE!

Brighten up your Christmas collection with the Bennett girls' house, a glittering creation by Liette Gariépy for CranberryLand. Each year, under the expert guidance of Mr. Bennett and with the enthusiastic help of his daughters, a web of colorful lights is woven, turning their home into a bright spectacle that delights the neighborhood and warms the hearts of all passersby.

This piece is made from sturdy and durable multi-layered cardboard. Adorned with numerous details offering artistic finesse, it opens a window to the joyful intimacy of the Bennett household. The precise window cutouts reveal scenes of family complicity, adding a dimension of realism and enchantment to this Christmas scene. Although light bulbs are not included, integrating lighting turns The Bennett Girls' House into a radiant tableau of life, inviting welcome and celebration.

Perfectly paired with Aunt Berta's blue house and Timmy and Rusty's little house, this CranberryLand house offers perfect harmony for your Christmas village, capturing the spirit of the holidays through Liette Gariépy's authentic and warm touches.

Unfolded Dimensions (in inches)

House alone: 5 L x 8 H x 3.25 P

Including decor: 7 L x 8 H x 6.5 P


Resistant and durable graphic cardboard, FSC PEFC certified, acid-free permanent glue, glitter

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