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The Church of Good Father Abraham - Christmas Village Houses

The Church of Good Father Abraham - Christmas Village Houses

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Spiritual Heart of the Holidays: Build Your Christmas Village around the Church by CranberryLand.

From a new concept UNFOLD, ENJOY, FOLD AND STORE!


Discover the beating heart of your Christmas village with CranberryLand's The Church of Good Father Abraham, an exquisite creation designed by the talented Liette Gariépy. This church, majestic and serene, is the perfect centerpiece for any Christmas village, adding a touch of solemnity and magic to your festive decor.

The Church of Good Father Abraham stands proudly with its classic and elegant architecture. The majestic Christmas tree adorning its facade, along with the beautiful nativity scene that captures the essence of Christmas, are details that immediately draw the eye. The touching scene of two children observing the nativity adds a dimension of purity and wonder, reminiscent of the traditions and spirituality of this time of year.

Carefully crafted from rigid cardboard and finely decorated, every detail of the church has been designed to capture the spirit of Christmas. It harmonizes perfectly with other pieces from the CranberryLand collection, such as The Blue House of Aunt Berta and Elsie's Little Gift Shop, creating a complete and enchanting Christmas village. Adding small lights (not included) inside the church can create a magical luminous effect, evoking the warmth and welcome of this sacred place.

By integrating The Church of Good Father Abraham into your Christmas village, you bring not only architectural beauty but also a sense of community and tradition. This piece evokes memories, hopes, and the joy of the season, making every Christmas spent in its company even more memorable and meaningful.

Unfolded format (in inches) -

Church alone: ​​6.25 W 5.375 PX 13.75 H

Decor including: 11.25 W 9.375 PX 13.75 H


Resistant and durable graphic cardboard, FSC PEFC certified, acid-free permanent glue, glitter

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