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Elsie's Little Gift Shop - Christmas Village Houses

Elsie's Little Gift Shop - Christmas Village Houses

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Enchanted Christmas Treasures: Beautify Your Village with CranberryLand's Magical Shop.

From a new concept UNFOLD, ENJOY, FOLD AND STORE!

Immerse yourself in the enchanted world of Elsie's Little Gift Shop from CranberryLand, a charming artistic work by the talented Québec illustrator, Liette Gariépy. This shop, inspired by a traditional general store, embodies the magic and excitement of the Christmas season.

Elsie's Little Gift Shop captivates with its meticulous attention to detail, offering a window into a dream world for children. Through its windows, one can imagine the laughter of dazzled children, eyeing the toys and wonders they hope to find under their Christmas tree. Every corner of this shop is a treasure trove of toys, decorations, and treats, reminiscent of the joyful Christmases of the past.

Crafted from rigid cardboard and elegantly decorated, this shop is a perfect addition to your CranberryLand Christmas village. The carefully crafted windows reveal the wonders within, and adding small lights (not included) creates a fairy-like effect, enveloping the scene in a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Elsie's Little Gift Shop is much more than just a Christmas decoration; it's an invitation to dive into the magic and innocence of the holidays through the eyes of children. Perfectly compatible with pieces such as The Church of Good Father Abraham and The Blue House of Aunt Berta, it harmoniously integrates into your festive decor. By adding this shop to your Christmas village, you create an enchanting tableau where dreams and nostalgia blend, making each Christmas a celebration even richer in emotions and memories.

Unfolded format (in inches) -

Single house: 6.125 LX 3.375 PX 7.5 H

Decor including: 7.625 LX 5.25 PX 7.5 H


Resistant and durable graphic cardboard, FSC PEFC certified, acid-free permanent glue, glitter

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