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The Little Singers of Melrose School - Christmas Village Houses

The Little Singers of Melrose School - Christmas Village Houses

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Joyful Songs at the Heart of the Village: A Touch of Musical Magic for Your CranberryLand Christmas.

From a new concept UNFOLD, ENJOY, FOLD AND STORE!

Discover the Melrose School Choir, an adorable addition to your CranberryLand Christmas village, illustrated with the talent and finesse characteristic of Liette Gariépy. This charming set represents a group of children from Melrose School, bringing the joy and musicality of Christmas carols to your festive village.

These little singers, ideally positioned in the public square of your village, embody the joyful and communal spirit of the holidays. Their expressive faces and colorful outfits, meticulously drawn, capture the enthusiasm and innocence of youth, brightening the hearts of villagers and passersby. You can almost hear their harmonious voices blending with the festive sounds of the village, adding a touch of living magic to your decor.

Carefully made, this choir scene in rigid cardboard is a visual delight, adding a dimension of life and movement to your village. The Melrose School Choir perfectly matches other CranberryLand elements, like Mr. Gus's Christmas Stand or Aunt Berta's Blue House, creating a coherent and enchanting ensemble.

By integrating the Melrose School Choir into your Christmas village, you bring not only a charming aesthetic but also a sense of community and sharing. It's a celebration of music, joy, and unity that so characterizes the spirit of the holidays, making every moment spent around your Christmas village even warmer and more memorable.

Unfolded format (in inches) -

5875LX 2.5PX 3875H



Resistant and durable graphic cardboard, FSC PEFC certified, acid-free permanent glue, glitter

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